Dry hire pricelist (audio professionals only) 

We mostly do production hire, that is where we deliver & setup the PA system ourselves.    We will however do dry hire for audio professionals subject to approval.

QTY                                        COMPONENTS
1 Bose 1600VI 240w side @ 8Ohms/325w @ 4Ohms (EQ cards for 802, 402, MB4)  Amplifier $33ea
1 Bose 1800VI 450w side @ 8Ohms/600w @ 4 Ohms (EQ cards for 802, 402, MB4) Amplifier $40ea
1 Yamaha P2250 250w per side  Amplifier $25ea
1 Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor/Gate Compressor $25ea
1 Yamaha GC2020 Compressor Compressor $20ea
1 Yamaha SPX90 Reverb Effects $30ea
1 Alesis D4 Drum Trigger Module (no triggers) Effects $20ea
1 Martin Junior 700 Fog Machine Lighting Effect $25ea
1 ESP UHF Handheld Radio Mic Microphone $25ea
2 Shure SM58 Microphone (inc stand & cable) Microphone $10ea
1 Bose LT MB12 400w Sub (Unpowered) Speaker $60ea
1 Bose Panaray 302A 100w (Unpowered) Speaker $15ea
1 Bose Panaray MB4 200w Sub (Unpowered) Speaker $30ea
2 Microphone Stand Silver Stand $5ea
1 Microphone Stand Black  Stand $5ea
1 Soundcraft M8 Mixer Mixer $30ea
1 Leem Multicore 20 way 30m Cable $20ea
1 Music stand (3 available) Stand $4ea
2 Speaker Stand Alluminium Black Stand $5ea
2 Speaker Stand Steel Black Stand $5ea
4 Par 56 300w Lights Alluminium Silver Lighting $5ea
2 20m Extension Leads Cable $2ea
1 15m Extension Lead Cable $2ea
1 Package 1 (Suit up to 100 people) - Suitable for vocals & light live music.  Includes 2 x 302A speakers, 1 x MB4 sub speaker, stands, amplifier, mixer, corded mic. & all necessary cables.   $150
1 Package 2 (Suit full band & up to 200 people - 1kW ) - Suitable for full band.  1 x MB12 sub, 2 x amps, 12 channel desk, 2 foldbacks, multicore, reverb, compressor, DBX DSP, 3 mics.   ****Supply your own main speakers. $200

All prices include GST.   Tax invoice issued.  50% discount for extra days. Photo ID required. Payment required upon pickup.  No responsibility for equipment failure or unavailability.   All breakages must be paid for.