our guarantee

On time delivery & great sound or it's free!

It's sad but true.  We've come across quite a few people who've been let down by their PA providers. Some cancel at the last minute & some just don't show at all.  Turning up to events reliably has to be one of the most basic requirements of running a events hire business.   After all there's many events that simply couldn't function without audio.  Similarly you should expect good quality sound as well.    That's why we guarantee our work.  If you're not happy, then we're not happy & we don't want your money.  We can't think of any other sound company in Sydney that offers this guarantee.  Are there any conditions?   Only two. First, you need to have paid. your booking deposit.  We don't want people assuming they have a firm booking when they have only received a quote.  Secondly, we still charge for any extra equipment we hire in for you.