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You want everything to be special on your wedding day including the sound. Why not start by hiring our superb Bose Panaray PA system.  When you hire us we'll: 


  • Discuss with you in advance your wedding's unique requirements and run through a checklist to identify any possible issues.
                                        Be in touch early on the day of hire.

 Arrive 2 hours before the wedding.

Dress appropriately (if operating).

For the ceremony we'll make sure the speeches are clearly heard and that any music is crisp, clear and on cue.  For the reception we can divide the room into sound zones - pleny of sound for the dance floor but quiet enough for guests to talk elsewhere.

Outdoor Weddings

Are you planning an outdoor wedding in a park or at the beach?  Our system can be battery powered.   This is not like the small suitcase sized PA systems often used, this is a full sized system for up to 150 people.  There’s no noise or fumes from generators either.

DJ & MC Services

Whilst we don’t provide DJ or MC services, we are happy to play a list of music that you provide on CD or iPod. Alternately if one of your guests wants to operate the system we can show them how – it’s easy once set-up!

Ask about special pricing for combined ceremony & reception.

Recommended Wedding PA System.

PA System 1

Our most popular system is "System 1" as detailed on the home page.  We can however customize a system for your particular wedding.  System 1 will handle weddings of up to 100 people but our larger system can handle up to 250. This system is suitable for both speech & music during the ceremony but is also plenty loud enough for reception dance music.   If you have live music at your wedding we can accomodate that also with extra microphones & a foldback system.

Video Projector Package

Need a video projector to share your special photos & videos with guests?   Our projector + screen package is just $69 with any PA or from $149 stand alone.  

Servicing Sydney & Surrounds

We can service anywhere in Sydney as well as the Blue Mountains, Wollongong or Newcastle.   Ask about other areas.

Recent Weddings

Here's a sample of some of the weddings we've done recently:
Event:Wedding Reception with Live Music, Athol Hall, Mosman, November 2011
Persons: Approx.80
Details: Wedding reception at Athol hall.   A beautiful old hall overlooking the harbour at Bradleys Head.  Supplied "System 2" for live vocal trio, bakground music from laptop & speeches.

Event:Wedding Ceremony & Reception, All View Escape, Blackheath, Blue Mountains, November 2011
Persons: Approx.120
Details: A beautiful outdoor wedding location.  Supplied upgraded "System 1"  This included 4 x Bose 302A speakers & 2 x MB4 subs.  2 x 302A's + 1 MB4 were used for the ceremony then later moved to the dance floor in the marquee with other pair for extra dance music power.  Background music was played throuout the afternoon. Cost was $390 delivered.

Event:Wedding, State Library, October 2011, Sydney
Persons: Approx.80
Details: Wedding ceremony.  Supplied 2 x Bose 302A's, 1 x Bose 302A's  & wireless microphone.   This was" System 1".

Event:Wedding (Ceremony & Reception), Shangri-La Hotel, October 2011, Sydney
Persons: Approx.70
Details: Wedding ceremony & reception at 2 different locations in the hotel.   Reception included, multimedia, live music & dance music.  Supplied 2 x Bose 302A's, 1 x Bose 302A's as foldback, MB4 sub speaker &  mixer.

Event:Wedding Reception, Sydney Rowing Club. August 2011, Abbotsford
Persons: Approx.100
Details: Supplied PA system for dance music playback from iPod at Dedes Restaurant.   This was "System 1" as pictured on the main page.

Wedding Abbotsford Wedding Abbotsford Wedding Abbotsford

Event:Wedding, May 2011, Kurrajong Heights
Persons: Approx.120
Details: Wedding at the beautiful Turpentine Tree gardens. Supplied 302/MB4 speakers & wireless mics.

Event:Outdoor Wedding, March 2011, North Sydney
Persons: Approx. 75
Details: The venue was Clark Park at North Sydney.  The bride & groom wanted audio for speech but also for music during & after the ceremony which was supplied on a iPod.  Since there was no mains power available 2 x 38ah deep cycle batteries & an inverter were used.