corpORATE PA system HIRE sydney

Put your organization's best foot forward by hiring a professional Bose PA system. Delivered & set-up from $295. Operated from $345. ABN & Tax invoice supplied. 

Your event will be less stress for you because we’ll:

        • Discuss with you in advance your event's requirements and run through a checklist to identify any possible issues.
Be in touch early on the day of hire.

 Arrive 2 hours before your event.

  •  Carry back-up equipment as standard practice.

Don't Let This Happen to You

We recently got a call early on a Sunday morning for an event where the PA company had cancelled  via text message the night before. Incredible!   In the unlikely event that we can't do the event, for example due to accident or illness, we'll either tell you well in advance or organise a replacement company at the same cost.

A Typical Event

Here's what we did for a recent customer:

  •  Discussed requirements with the client including number of people, program material, multimedia requirements and emergency contact details.
  •  Obtained a room layout picture.
Rang the venue to discuss equipment access & parking arrangements.

 Rang the musicians to discuss their requirements.

 Ad-hoc supplied a music stand & extension lead out of our stock that we normally carry.

Servicing Sydney & Surrounds

We can service anywhere in Sydney as well as the Blue Mountains, Wollongong or Newcastle.   Ask about other areas.

Need a Projection Screen Also?

We can include a projection screen for your multimedia presentation at a very competitive price when included with any PA system.  Details here.

Recent Corporate & Organisational Events

Event:Charity Speech, Luna Park, November 2011, North Sydney
Persons: Approx.120
Details: Speech from the NSW Premier & multimedia presentation.   Supplied "System 1" & projection screen.

:Corporate Presentation & Band, Sydney Taronga Zoo, October 2011, Mosman
Persons: Approx.200
Details: Included 6 piece band. Supplied 2 x Bose 802's, 1 x Bose MB12 sub, 4 x Bose 302A as foldback. This was our "System 2" package upgraded. Also supplied stage lighting including 8 x Par 56, 2 x floods & dimmers.

:Luncheon, Salvation Army, October 2011, Sydney
Persons: Approx.100
Details: Luncheon with live music & speeches. Supplied 2 x Bose MB4 speakers, mixer, amplifier & microphone..   

:Corporate Function, 4A Gallery, September 2011, Sydney
Persons: Approx.60
Details: Meeting of the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce. Supplied 2 x Bose MB4 speakers, mixer, amplifier & microphone..   This was "System 1" less the sub speaker. 
:Haymarket Chamber of Commerce 5th Anniversary, May 2011, Capitol Theatre, Haymarket
Persons: Approx.150
Details: This was a long narrow room so 2 x 302A speakers were used at the front & another futher down the room on a delay line. Event included speech from the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore.
:Corporate Function, April 2011, Sydney Airport
Persons: Approx. 200
Details: The event was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first flight from Sydney Airport by JJ Hammond.  The PA system was provided primarily for speeches & some background music. 2 x 302A speakers & 1 MB4 sub covered the area easily even with modest aircraft noise. 
Corporate Function Sydney Airport.jpg

: Corporate Function, March 2011, Newport
Persons: Approx. 240
Details: The venue was the Royal Motor Yacht Club.  The corporate client wanted professional sound for their multimedia presentations in a noisy environment. 4 Bose 302A's were distributed around the room.  2 were used for the main speakers & the others to compensate for high frequency loss in 1 corner & under an awning. An MB4 sub was used also.

Event: ALP Fundraiser Dinner, March 2011, Parramatta
Persons: Approx. 200
Details: The venue was the Tingah Palace restaurant inside the Parramatta Leagues club. It was clear that it was going to be a challenge to cover such a large restaurant of vocal, enthusiastic diners with limited speaker placement options & several tables obscured by glass partitions. In the end 3 x Bose 302A speakers & 1 MB4 sub speaker were used.The two end speakers were arrayed towards the obscured tables. The venue owner was skeptical that these compact speakers would be adequate but it turned out there was more than enough volume & clarity to overcome the high background noise. The extra height speaker stands meant that guests sitting underneath were not blasted with sound whilst those in the far corners still had plenty of level.  Ex premier Bob Carr was guest speaker. 

Event: Corporate Function, March 2011, West Ryde
Persons: Approx. 120
Details: Marquee event including trivia & background music. Supplied 2 x Bose 302A's, 1 MB4 sub, 1 amplifier, mixer & radio mic.

Event: Fashion Magazine Launch, February 2011, Botanical Gardens, Sydney
Persons: Approx. 120
Details: DJ & duet. Supplied 2 x Bose 302A speakers, 1 x MB12 sub speaker, 2 x Bose amplifiers, mixer & folback. This  venue presented some problems. Being outdoors there was a lot of sound dissapation.  The very long & curved area where guests were congregated made it a long throw partly blocked by one of the structures. The 700 watt system had to run at full power. In the end the system was adequate & the organisers were happy.